Meet and greet the 2017 hyper car Zenvo TS1 GT

03/05/2017 15:19:52
Meet and greet the 2017 hyper car Zenvo TS1 GT
We used to hear people say that Zenvo hyper cars are pointless, and stupid but this year we might might change our opinions thanks to its new Zenvo TS1 GT

Zenvo Automotive isn’t one of the most popular automakers and even if you heard about it you probably heard things that made you think its cars are useless. People call its cars stupid, pointless, and many other words you won’t like to hear about a car you drive. I guess this was the main reason you didn’t see Zenvo cars on streets.

Now in order to make us change our opinions about its cars Zenvo will unveil its Zenvo TS1 GT at Geneva Motor Show 2017. Finished in Fjord Blue and highlighted with copper-bronze strips on the hood and roof, the unique Zenvo TS1 GT marks the tenth anniversary of of the company by showing us what an ultimate Zenvo is like. It is also an hommage to the fascinating Scandinavian mythology and heritage, from the nickname ‘Slipnir’ they have given it – which is an eight-legged horse ridden by Odin, the King of the Norse gods – to the very copper-bronze accents which recognize the technological advancements by ancient Danes in exploration, trading and commerce extending from North America to Russia and the Middle East.



The one-of-a-kind Zenvo TS1 GT has the familiar and rather infamous twin-supercharged V8 engine with 1,163 horsepower which takes this mythical horse form 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds an on to a top speed of 375 km/h. It is a temperamental stallion though, and it might burst into flames at any moment for no good reason. That’s a shame because the TS1 GT has some very nice touches inside the cabin, including copper and rhodium switches and instrument surrounds and non-asymmetrical leather and carbon fibre detailing.


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